Website Optimisation

Optimising a website is a complicated exercise best left to experts. It involves technical testing of the website to ensure it is working perfectly and then also checking its usability - is the website easy to use. There must be no distractions or navigation difficulties that prevent visitor conversions, be they leads or sales. Anything that might see the visitor leave the site without taking whatever action is being targeted, must be eliminated.

Issues like slow website loading speeds, no sitemap, broken links, missing meta tags, lack of alt tags, missing redirects,  no robots txt, etc, etc. We offer a free audit which will highlight any such issues and can then discuss with you, how they should be addressed. Give us a call if you would like such an audit.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Most website owners are aware that they need to be on the first page of Google search engine returns for the target keywords. 80% of searchers don't go past the first page of Google returns. But getting on that first page, especially with a new website, is no easy task. Google has a secret way of working out which websites are deserving of a high ranking. It uses a complicated algorithmn but does not tell us mere mortals how exactly it works. And Google changes the rules all the time. However, if you provide relevant, topical content on your website, you will have a good chance of getting that high ranking.

There are also technical issues that can downgrade your ranking chances. Like slow loading speeds, missing meta data, coding issues, etc. Again, our free website audit will highlight the technical problems. 

Content Creation & Copywriting

The creation of customised Landing Pages is the best way of getting a good ranking for your targeted keywords/keyword phrases. So if you want to be ranked for say, 'North Shore Restaurants' then you write an article labelled North Shore Restaurants, with plenty of those keywords strewn through the article. You also need to have any photos named with those keywords in their title (the Alt Tags) and the keywords also featuring in the Meta Title and Meta Description. The visitor will land on that page is it contains the information that they are seeking. Hence the name - Landing Pages.

All that needs expert writing skills as well as technical website knowledge - like how to do meta tags and alt tags. Ron has been developing specific keyword-rich Landing Pages for 16 years and has written thousands of Landing Pages over those years. Give him a call if you have a need for such pages.

Adwords Campaigns

If you have a new website or a poor-ranking website, it can take 6-12 months to climb up the rankings. so, during that period, you will not get much organic traffic - that is visitors that have clicked on a link in a Google search return. What you can do to get some traffic is to pay for the clicks (PPC) by investing in Google Adwords. Those clicks can cost a few cents up to several dollars, depending on the demand. You set a budget and when it is exhausted, your advert drops off. The advert is positioned above and below the unpaid search returns.

You can run Adwords campaigns yourself but  it is a mission to keep up with all the changes that Google regularly make like: Site extensions, callout extensions, location extensions, Call extensions, etc, etc.

Ron has been running Google Adwords campaigns for 10 years so he knows the tricks of how to getthe best bang for your Adwords buck. Give him a call to see what a campaign might cost you.

Social Media Management

A cheaper way to promote your website and attract visitors is by using Social Media like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. There are a huge number of Social Media platforms, especially in the graphics/images field with Flickr, Instagram, StumbleUpon to name but a few. It can be a bit confusing to keep track of what you have posted where. We run professional software that tracks all the posts that we make for our many clients.

This is a great way of getting good traffic to your website but blogs/posts must be made regularly and must be well-written on interesting topics to gain reader's attention - there are a lot of posts out there!

Contact us if you would like us to manage your Social Media presence.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Another way of attracting visitors to your website is to build up a database of email addresses from people with an interest in your product or service. You must have had some dealings with them in the past as sending out unsolicited email (spam) is not legal. Getting people to sign up for a newsletter, enter a competition, get some free information like a free ebook are the common ways of building up a database. You can them send out an email with some attractive offers of products/services on your website.

The trick is to know how to write those emails so people click on the links and visit the website - only about 30% are likely to do so. There are several free email marketing programs and we use the best ones. 

Call Ron Giles on 0274 777753 or contact him here


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

A lot of money is wasted by website owners when they promote/advertise their website. What many have failed to do is to make sure the website is effective in converting visitors into taking the action you want - buy something or make an enquiry. If the website has not been optimised first, then this is like pouring water into a bucket for of holes. You can spend a fortune on say, Adwords, but get very few conversions as the website needs sorting out first. There may be all sorts of reasons why a visitor leaves a website without converting and it takes many years of experience to sort through reports like Google Analytics to see where the issues are.

So, before you spend a heap on advertising/promotion, call us to have a look over your key Landing Pages and make suggestions on how they can be optimised to get better conversion rates.

Project Management

Setting up a new website? Or revamping an existing one? Not sure if you have the right skills to oversee such a complex project? Or not able to take time out of your busy day to devote to a myriad of website issues? Ron has worked as a Project Manager for the largest website developer in New Zealand and has worked on some very big projects. Let Ron take the hassles out of your new website project.