Adwords Keywords Research

One of the first things to do when starting on an Adwords campaign is to do your keyword research. Without knowing what words or phrases your potential website visitors are going to use to find your site, you cannnot start bidding for Google Adwords keywords. Start by brainstorming a list of words/phrases that a potential visitor might use to find your website.

There are also several tools you can use with the most common one being the Keyword Planner in the Adwords management tool. That will give you search volume for the country/region/city you want to target.

You can also click on + Keywords and google will produce a box on the right with a long list of suggested keywords in groups. 

Select any keyword to add to your list and select Estimate Search Traffic . That will give you the likely number of clicks per day for your selected budget.

If you have an existing website, you can also go to your Google Search Console ( Login to your account and select Search Traffic and then click on Search Analytics. Set the date filter to 90 days to give you a decent snapshot and then click on the Impressions box. That will show you the keywords visitors have used to find your site. 

You can then download a free version of RankTracker from SEO Powersuite to check out those keywords. For example, you might use Google Autocomplete to see how those search terms rate. For each keyword research task, Rank Tracker will show you suggestions along with search volume and the number of visitors that you can expect.

Those keywords can be added to your keyword list in your initial Google Adwords campaign. Next: how to regularly monitor keywords performance. Read about that on the more specific Google Adwords website