Google Adwords Campaigns

Running a successful Adwords campaign requires a lot of input and monitoring. This is why many companies/organisations prefer to outsource their campaigns to Adwords experts. Unless you, as the website owner/webmaster, are prepared to put in an hour a day working on your Adwords campaign, then it might be better to use the services of a consultant that is working on Adwords constantly (read more on

So where should you spend your time?

Some of the most critical areas in setting up and monitoring an Adwords Campaign are:

  • geographic targeting
  • Adgroups setup
  • adverts within the various Adgroups
  • bid levels
  • bid levels weighting (mobile/geographic/display time, etc)
  • keywords
  • negative keywords
  • sitelinks extensions
  • split testing adverts
  • mobile-targeting adverts

That is the more important factors but you can get a lot fancier than that. If you are on a limited budget, then perhaps setting up 'Locations' is the most critical to get the best bang for your Adwords buck. 


A good example of this came up recently. I had helped a friend of mine to set up a website promoting his new venture - a driving school - Shore Driving School. As this was quite a brave new venture for this professional photographer of a couple of decades, I made sure he had a great website - at a reasonable cost.

I also recommended he start an Adwords campaign to drive traffic to the new website as it would not get a high search engine ranking for 6-12 months. He was reluctant to spend money on that, having spent many thousands setting up his new business.

I ran into Adrian at the gym a few months later and asked him how it was going. Not great he told me - there was little traffic to the website and hardly any enquiries. I asked him if he has started Adwords. He told me he had but only with a tiny budget of $100 per month. However that was not working as it had not produced any enquiries.

I told Adrian I would have a look at his campaign and see what the problem was. It was not hard to find! He had not set up 'geographic targeting' so Google were displaying his advert to all of New Zealand. Shore Driving School obviously wanted Leads from North Shore would-be learner drivers; not someone in Christchurch. Over half the adverts had been clicked on by non-Auckland IP addresses.

I changed the desired location to North Shore and also worked on the adverts. Plus I added sitelink extensions (see article here) to give Shoredrive extra display area. 

The response was immediate - within a day, Adrian had reported a jump in bookings and was now busy for the first time in 6 months. 

If you too are struggling to set up an effective campaign, give me a call on 0274 777753 and we can have a chat about how I can help. That is a free service and comes with no obligation so what have you got to lose?

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